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I am writing to express our gratitude for the outstanding service that you and the Enrichment Centers provide to the students and families of North Bethesda Middle School. You always go the extra mile to accommodate our organizationís particular needs. The children are having fabulous, educational and entertaining experiences. Your dedication and background makes a good experience GREAT! Thank you so much for your unwavering attention to detail and all that you and your staff provide. Itís a pleasure to do business with you. We mean every word of what we have said.

Thank you!

Mary Collishaw
Chair of the North Bethesda After School Activities Committee


Tiffany DeZee, Programming Sub Committee
With the North Bethesda After School Activities Committee

I was very excited to find the Creative Arts program for my granddaughters this summer. Twelve-year old T and ten-year old C were spending several weeks with me and although they wanted it to be all "free time," I insisted they sign up for some program for part of their visit. Neither child wanted to go to a typical day camp or athletic program, but they were interested in doing dance, drama, art, and similar activities.

When I enrolled them, T indicated on her application that she wanted to learn hip-hop dance and to have an opportunity to be a counsellor-in-training. C also was interested in dance and drama as well as creative writing.

On the first day, both girls were shy and apprehensive, but they came home at the end of the day bursting with enthusiasm! After several days, both of them began asking me to extend their enrolment. When I hesitated, C actually offered to give up some of the new school clothes I normally buy her in exchange for additional time at the Enrichment Centers.

Both girls got all of what they asked for and more. T was thrilled to spend lots of time doing hip-hop as well as being assigned to help with younger children. C got more instruction and practice on flute in a few weeks than what she got in the entire last school year. And both of them learned lots of new things without even realizing it.

What made this program especially good for them was that it was small, had lots of excellent and enthusiastic staff, and it was designed to work with each child's individual interests, talents and needs. T and C are already talking about returning next summer, for as many weeks as possible. I am so glad that I found the Enrichment Centers for my granddaughters.

Both girls continue to be very excited and enthusiastic about their programs, and both I and their mother are very happy that they are getting so much from it and that they're enjoying it at the Rockville center. The girls love your program.

~Toni Greenfeld

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