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About Us

The Enrichment Centers (TEC) is a local-area organization with a heartfelt commitment to learning. Founded first as The Center for Gifted and Talented, we have since grown to provide in-home tutoring, after-school courses, and summer programs in all subjects, for students of all ages and levels. We are certified to work with the No Child Left Behind program, teaching reading and math to at-risk children in several states.

Through innovative and dynamic programs, The Enrichment Centers seeks to make learning enjoyable and empowering for all students. We are committed to the education of the whole person, tailoring our teaching methods to best suit each studentís unique learning style. Our programs build self-esteem, realize potential, and mobilize students in the world.

Our centers and qualified staff are located throughout the Washington D.C. Metro Area, serving Montgomery County, Prince Georgeís County, the District, Arlington County, and Fairfax County.

At TECís Anime program (TEC-Anime), students learn about anime and manga (Japanese Animations and Comic Books). Classes are taught by our certified and highly experienced anime and manga art teachers, with over X? years of experience. This art form combines vivid expression and meticulous design with extraordinary storylines. The students learn the use of themes, imagery, genre, and the history of Anime and Manga, from the beginnings of the anime wave to current popular series and films exhibited in Japan. All studies are age-appropriate, as mature themes sometimes appear in this medium.


About the Director

Christopher Wanamaker an Anime enthusiast has staffed three Anime conventions, was the event coordinator for the Anime Pavilion and wrote comic book related articles for the website Nerd caliber (www. Nerdcaliber.com).
He was selected from candidates all over the United States and was awarded the title by U. S distributor of Manga (Japanese Comics) Tokyopop America’s Greatest Otaku. He was voted fan favorite and awarded an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo, Japan where he visited a famous animation studio and relavent historic landmarks in Japan. One of the hardest working Anime fans in Washington, DC, Christopher Wanamaker has ran three anime clubs in the the DC Metro area and is the founder/president of DC Anime Club located in Washington, DC.

View his exciting trip at the following link   www.hulu.com/watch/232993


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